Environ Treatment Facials

At Bliss we offer a wide range of results driven Environ facials to care for your skin, manage skin conditions and treat skin concerns such as acne, scarring, rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, hydration, radiance, skin texture, addressing the signs of ageing, restoring and rebuilding the skins vital health and wellbeing. Rather than a series of random, one-off treatments we work with you to develop a programme of specialised facial treatments that can focus on your concerns, focus on skin health and achieve results. The individually tailored programme that is designed for you will be determined by you and your feelings about your skin so that we can manage your skin health.

A skin treatment range originally created by a world-leading plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes to prevent skin cancer and improve skin health.

Environ works by replacing the depleted nutrients your skin needs to function. Vitamins A, C & E along with peptides and antioxidants, treat skin concerns such as pigmentation, ageing, acne and scarring.

The Ionzyme DF Machine assists the serums to penetrate deeper to the lower levels of your skin to begin the process of correcting your damaged skin cells. Serums will penetrate 4000 times deeper with this machine than if topically applied.

We can also enhance treatments with the use of LEDLight Therapy. LED stimulates cellular function, improving healing times, relieving pain, subsiding active acne and skin rejuvenation. This therapy can be used as a standalone treatment or as an adjunctive therapy with many other treatments.

Dermal Needling is another treatment that we offer to achieve optimal results. Dermal Needling technology uses micro needles to rejuvenate the skin. This causes micro-channels in the skin. The channels can carry up to 80% more topical nutrients. This allows for the delivery of treatment actives to feed underlying cells. This increased absorption accelerates more stimulation, repair and faster results. Helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, acne scars, pigmentation, sun damage and skin rejuvenation.

We also recommend supplementing your skin treatments with a holistic approach. Bestow Skin Nutrition Boosters support skin on a cellular level, nurturing beautiful, and healthy skin from the inside out.

We suggest First time clients need to book a complimentary consultation or alternatively the Introductory Vitamin Touch Facial.

Environ Intensive Revival Facial

This anti-ageing treatment is designed for those short on time but who still want amazing results. Great for treating tired, dull, sun damaged and dry skin, using a range of revolutionary ingredients that are proven to make the skin smoother, more luminous and revitalised.


Vitamin Touch Facial

A great introduction to Environ. Indulge yourself with this luxurious hands-on treatment, the ultimate manual therapy on offer. Let our personal touch relax, calm, soothe and restore your skin to its natural best. Includes a specialised Alginate mask.


Ultimate Vitamin Therapy Facial

Using DF Machine designed to correct a wide range of concerns, firstly targeting your main area of concern then treating your whole face.

Vitamins, peptides and antioxidants will penetrate the lower levels of your skin, giving your skin cells the nutrients they need to produce healthy collagen, healthy skin defence and healthy skin communication.


Super Facial

This treatment is for clients who are already using Environ skincare. This is the Ultimate Vitamin
therapy facial with an infusion of Environ peels using iontophoresis to hydrate, lighten and brighten your skin and to maximise the effectiveness of the active ingredients.


Environ Facial Add ons.

Alginate Masque

Give your skin a much needed boost by helping to rehydrate it, refresh and revive it.


Sonophoresis DF

The dual electro-sonic technology of the  DF Machine helps stimulate the skin allowing active ingredients to be more effective by creating tiny cavities through low frequency sonophoresis (sound waves) thus giving faster and better results.


Field Iontophoresis

The dual electro-sonic technology of the  DF Machine helps to deliver significantly more essential nutrients to where your skin needs them most by ionizing active molecules and diffusing them into the skin through pulsed iontophoresis (electrical current) thus giving faster better results.


Focus-On Eye Treatment

Using electro-sonic DF technology we combine our powerful peptide complexes with Hyaluronic Acid to ensure a completely refreshed, hydrated and youthful appearance. Visibly improves the appearance of dehydration and fine lines around the eyes.