Vibra Health

I was so blessed to have had a random conversation with Charlotte about self-esteem/femininity/weight. She introduced me to Vibra health
So far, after two rounds, I’m 15 KG’s lighter (10kg first round, 5 second)  I am , walking with my head held high, feeling like a woman again! And that’s not bad for somebody who is 54 and hitting that ‘wonderful’ period of her life.  After being diagnosed as diabetic, peri menopausal and having a history of bouncing aprons with all sorts or diets and ‘lifestyle’ choices I knew something have to give.
What I truly love about Vibra Health is the way it fits easily into a daily routine.  It’s not easy but it’s three weeks of dedication! The process is easy to follow and understand.  The fat release that happens is astounding – more fantastic is that in between my first and second round (10 weeks) I didn’t gain anything back and ate what I wanted.  Now heading into my third round I’m excited to see what new changes happen in my body and with my health – mental, emotional and physical!
Ems – Kaiwaka
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