Vibra Weight Loss.

Healthy weight loss for men and women. Originally used to help our chronic pain patients lose stubborn fat fast without the stress of exercise: average loss for those needing to lose 20+ kg was 8 -10 kg of stubborn fat in 23 days, or an average of 1 – 2 kgs per week.

Founding date

In 2011 Vibra was formulated to help people in chronic pain lose weight quickly with out exercise.

Rapid Weight Reduction

Is a body balancer: stubborn fat is an emergency food source, our rapid weight correction system works with your body to consume excess emergency food (stubborn fat) naturally with out exercise ( exercise is for fitness not weight loss) making it a better option for busy people and those who are unable to exercise. This method of weight loss comes complete with E-Books, Food Guides and live support as needed.

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